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About Us

About Delpha Quality Consulting

Mike Delpha is the founder and lead consultant for his company, Delpha Quality Consulting. Delpha brings over 20 years of consulting, training and auditing experience in multiple facets of quality management and ISO based standards including:

  • 4 years with General Electric Aerospace as the lead internal consultant responsible for transitioning seven manufacturing facilities from Mil-Q-9858A based quality management systems to leaner, more effective ISO 9001 based systems.
  • 5 years of independent management consulting working with a broad range of clients with organizations throughout the United States including manufacturing, aerospace, education, professional societies, distribution and others.
  • 5 years as Vice President of consulting services with Prism E Solutions, a leading international quality consultancy based near Philadelphia that focuses on creating technology and consulting solutions to help organizations of all sizes and industries achieve their management system needs.
  • 4 years as Business Development Director with Delaware Valley Industrial Resource Center (DVIRC), a regional consultancy serving small and medium sized manufacturers in the Philadelphia region focusing on bottom line improvements and top line growth.

Now heading up his own firm, Delpha's experience, skills and know-how offer customers an opportunity to use outstanding quality experts for a wide variety of quality management system needs.

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Delpha Quality Consulting's Reach

Delpha Quality Consulting is based in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in Montgomery County and employs a network of world-class consultants with many years of experience and hundreds of successful engagements throughout the United States that go well beyond the scope of ISO 9001 including:

  • Cost Improvement: A structured approach providing a goal-oriented cost analysis developing a medium- to long-term strategy for cost reduction and cost savings.
  • On Time Delivery Improvement: The improved ability of an organization to deliver a product or service to meet customer requirements against a specification for delivery time.
  • Organizational Alignment: The ability of an organization to reaffirm strategic initiatives, renew workforce enthusiasm, and adopt behaviors necessary to achieve operational efficiency and improvement.
  • Productivity Improvement: The ability of an organization to maximize returns on assets.
  • Quality Throughput: The ability of an organization to reduce manufacturing cycle time and inventory while improving on time delivery achieving operational excellence.

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