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ISO Audit

ISO Quality Audit: Training & System Establishment

Delpha Quality Consulting will help you focus your ISO 9001 quality audits on "opportunity identification" rather than on "catching people".

An ISO quality audit is a management tool used to evaluate, confirm, or verify activities related to quality. ISO 9001 quality audits are the most common ISO standard for audits, but audits for all ISO standards can be done by Delpha Quality Consulting.


Benefits of an effective ISO 9001 Quality Audit System
Quality audits can be extremely beneficial - when done correctly. They help you "find and fix" problems during implementation. An ISO 9001 quality audit is one of the most effective tools in the ISO 9001 toolkit for ensuring a certain level of discipline in performance as well as driving long term continuous improvement.


ISO 9001 Quality Audit Categories

  • System Audit - looks at a particular system which includes multiple processes and can spread across several employees and departments. The audit of your calibration system can be considered a system audit. Your process interaction document identifies your systems.
  • Conformance Audit - an audit to define system requirements. These are global in nature. For example a 3rd party audit of your ISO 9001 system is a conformance audit.
  • Compliance Audit - an audit to regulatory requirements. This includes government agency audits.
  • Process Audit - a focused audit on a set of processes within your organization. It examines adherence to procedures and specifications during production or service activities.
  • Product Audit - a focused audit on the product itself. This is typically an inspection activity.
  • Department Audit - a focus audit on one department that looks at the processes, specifications, and systems in one department only. It will look at the different operations with in that department. It will also examine department organization and training. The purchasing or design departments can be typical department audits.



1.  "I doubt we would have achieved our ISO 9001:2000 registration in 12 months without Mike Delpha's commitment and organizational skills.  Mike made the process of mapping our processes quick and effective.  Mike interacted well with all employees and quickly gained everyone's respect.  Mike also provided our internal auditor training.  Five years later we still follow the audit process Mike trained us on.  Every surveillance audit the Registrar reviews every internal audit report.  Our internal audits always have been highlighted as one of the positive aspects of our QMS.  Mike can be counted on to complete projects effectively, efficiently, on time and on budget".  David Pellington, Services Manager/QMR - Notheast Controls, Inc., 3 Enterprise Avenue, Clifton park, NY, 12065-3423.

2.  "Mike's ability to assess our particular needs and to develop an Audit program that gives us flexibility and the end results we desire has served us well.  Our quality auditors enjoyed the onsite training which included much practical advice on how to perform there auditing responsibilites well.  Thanks for a job well done".  Harry Cann, President - Atlantic Gasket Corp., 3908 Frankford Ave., Philadelphia, PA, 19124.

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